Use the most comprehensive public database of availability in the UK to streamline your search

Build and manage multiple acquisition lists fast. Create a requirement and search for public availability in minutes. Browse and filter suitable properties. Eliminate the admin for creating acquisition lists in powerpoint or word.


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Features at a glance

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Manage requirements

Create requirements; manage all requirements in one view; match to suitable availability automatically

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Search availability

Search comprehensive index of UK availability; filter by requirements

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Build acquisition lists

Produce automated custom reports; track fees & forecast; receive client feedback

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Delight your client

Share acquisition lists; receive comments and shortlists

Tenant reps love Realla

Realla has a complete snapshot of availability across the market and has become a major contributor to finding office space for our clients in Central London

Veronika Sillitoe, Ingleby Trice

Product overview

Save time on acquisition work

Realla customers spend less time manually building acquisition lists in Powerpoint or Word.

Easy to use

Realla is simple and intuitive, so building & managing acquisition lists isnt a chore. Plus you can talk to a person anytime from 9-6pm GMT if you need support.

Vast database of availability

Access the largest public database of availability in the UK to complement your market knowledge.

Work anywhere

Manage your work from a coffee shop, or in the office. With Realla your acquisition lists are accessible on any device. Your work is secure and backed-up.