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The following Realla Privacy Policy sets out how we collect, store, use anddisseminate data relating to you and applies to all use of data by ReallaLtd (“Realla”, “we”, “us" or “our”). This privacy policy forms a part of the terms of use, which can be found here.

For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998, the data controller is Realla Ltd of 1 Sunburst House, Elliot Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH11 8JP with registration number 09280920.

If you have any concerns about your privacy, this Realla Privacy Policy or any websites or apps operated by Realla, please contact Realla at

    1., and any microsites, subdomains orapps affiliated with them from to time to time (the “Service”)provide information about properties that may be available forpurchase or rental..
    1. If you are under 18 years of age, please ask an appropriate parent,guardian or other adult to explain this privacy policy to you.
    2. If you are under the age of 13, you must not use the Service
    3. If a minor has provided us with personal information, thisinformation may be deleted without further notice
    1. We may ask you for, or you may submit, personal and non-personalinformation and data to us when you use the Service. This could include
      1. your browsing and log data collected by Google advertisingcookies and other technical means that we may employ torecognise your device when you visit the Service
      2. your name, address, gender and age
      3. your username and password
      4. your email address
      5. your phone number
      6. any content you submit to the Service ("Your Content”), suchas comments, marketing preferences or responses to survey
    2. Please also see our Cookies section below for information about howwe use cookies.
    3. When you get in contact with us we may keep records of what iscommunicated. This is to ensure we have a record of our discussionfor future reference and so we can provide the Service to you moreefficiently
    4. We might collect sensitive information about you, but we will nevercollect your sensitive information without your explicit consen
    1. We use data for the following purposes:
      1. Usage Data: to learn about how the Service is being used byanalysing user trends and preferences, to improve the qualityand design of our Service, to understand which features arebeing used and to understand which potential new features,advertising or campaigns are likely to interest our userbase
      2. Google advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers: toconduct analytics on your visit to the Service, including byrecording and analysing user behaviour, location, audience,demographic and interest data. This information may be usedin order to enable the remarketing of users and may be sharedwith Google
    2. We may in future use data for the following purposes
      1. Name, address: to enable you to register and manage anaccount.
      2. Gender, age: to provide features and content which are bettersuited to you
      3. Username, password: to administer your user account
      4. Your Content: to process and make available Your Content tothe Service, to market to you and to determine your interestsin products and services or general consumer trends
      5. Email address: to contact you with news, including to notifyyou about your use of the Service, or to offer you additionalservices. By accepting this privacy policy you consent to ususing your email address for direct marketing and advertisingpurposes from time to time
      6. Phone number: to contact you about matters requiring your urgent attention, to verify your identity or to provide otherRealla services with your consent (such as text messagenotifications)
    3. Information submitted to or collected by the Service may also beused to
      1. serve you advertising based on your interests and previousbuying or browsing habits
      2. introduce users to commercial property agents andadvertisers;
      3. learn about the use of any properties displayed on theService
      4. enable our compliance with applicable laws and regulations
      5. enable our compliance with any agreements entered intobetween us
      6. enable your use of the Service and associated services;
      7. understand how the Service is being used;
      8. provide you with an up to date, efficient and reliableService; and
      9. generally run and improve the Service
    4. Be aware that some of Your Content may be made public, depending onhow it is posted. We will not make public any information which isstated as being posted privately. However, not all means of postingare private. Please be careful when determining what of YourContent to submit and only submit Your Content if you are happy forit to be read by others
    1. We may disclose personal information about you to other members ofour group of companies or to trusted third parties (both inside andoutside of the European Economic Area)
      1. for the purposes and uses set out in this privacy policy
      2. for marketing purposes; and
      3. to enable us to receive third party services which help usoperate the Service
    2. Your personal information may also be disclosed:
      1. if we sell any businesses or assets;
      2. with a view to preventing fraud or reducing credit risk; an
      3. if we are obliged to do so to comply with law, regulations ora court order; if it is necessary to enforce any of our termsand conditions or any other agreements to which we are aparty; if it is necessary to protect our rights, property or the safety of our customers or Service users
    3. We may use non-personally identifying information, such asanonymised or aggregated data, with third parties.
    4. You consent to the disclosure of your personal information to suchoverseas entities.
    1. We will only use information collected about you in accordance withthe Data Protection Act 1998
    2. By submitting your information you agree to our use of data aboutyou as described in this privacy policy
    3. If you believe we have information about you that you do not want usto have or that you think is incorrect, please contact us
    4. Although we will do our best to protect your personal data frommisuse, interference, loss and unauthorised disclosure, we cannotguarantee the security of data transmitted to the Service. Anytransmission is at your own risk. Once we have received yourinformation, we will use appropriate procedures and securityfeatures to try to prevent unauthorised access
    1. We use ‘cookies’ and similar technologies on the Service. Cookiesare small computer files which the Service may store and/or accessin your internet browser, enabling information to be transmitted toand from your device and the Service. Cookies may also be stored inyour internet browser by or on behalf of third parties, such asGoogle, LinkedIn, or providers of advertising services
    2. Cookies enable us to record anonymous information about you,including: the type of internet browser or device you use to accessthe Service, your device operating system, the websites you visitedbefore visiting the Service, the areas of the Service you visit andyour IP address (which can provide information about yourapproximate geographic location). Cookies cannot be used todisclose your individual identity
    3. We use cookies in order to
      1. learn about how the Service is being used and which types ofindividuals are using the Service
      2. record and report user profile, behaviour, location,audience, demographic and interest data
      3. record which other websites have referred users to the Service
      4. optimise and improve the Service
      5. make it easier for you to fill in forms on the Service andremember the information you have submitted to the form;
      6. enable the Service to remember your preferences
      7. enable aspects of the Service to be customised; and
      8. provide relevant advertising.
    4. We will retain information received from our use of cookies for upto one year.
    5. For more information about cookies, please If you do not wish for us to use cookies whenyou use the Service, please adjust your Internet browser settings todecline cookies (your computer’s help file should tell you how to dothis). If you choose to decline cookies, some parts of the Servicemay not work properly. By using the Service, you agree to our useof cookies as described above
    6. If you want to learn about how to opt out of Google Analytics,please see visit or yourGoogle Ads Settings.
    1. We give you a choice of whether or not you want us or othercompanies to contact you about offers, events, products and servicesthat may be of interest to you.
    2. We might send you marketing emails about products or services whichare similar to or related to the Service, or contact you by emailwith information about the Service. We will not send you any othermarketing emails or pass your information on to third parties unlessyou give your consent or you have given it already
    3. Some marketing emails may be specific to you, based on ourunderstanding of your interests
    4. We may use notification services on your device, or enabled by youroperating system, to inform you of incoming phone calls, messages orother communications. If you do not want to receive thesenotifications, you are able to manage how notifications operate byusing the Service or device settings.
    5. In some cases, notifications are enabled by third party providers.Those third party providers may therefore receive information abouthow you are using the Service. This information should be used bythird party providers in accordance with their own privacy policies
    6. If you provide information about a friend/colleague of yours as partof a referral of that friend/colleague to us, we will send your friend/colleague a single email about the Service and we will storetheir personal information to the minimum extent necessary. When youprovide us with your friend's/colleague’s information, you areconfirming that you have their consent to this use of theirinformation. We will tell your friend/colleague that you providedtheir details when we contact them.
    1. We will only hold data about you for as long as necessary, bearingin mind the purpose for which that data was collected
    1. If you follow a link from the Service to any third party apps orwebsites, you should be aware that those apps or websites may havetheir own privacy policies. We do not accept any responsibility orliability for those apps or websites. Please check the policies ofany third party apps or websites before submitting any personal datato them.
    2. We may make changes to this privacy policy in the future, which willbe posted on this page. You should check this page from time totime to ensure you are aware of any changes. Where appropriate wemay notify you of changes by email or by putting a notice on theService
    3. All questions, comments or enquiries should be directed to us. Wewill try to respond to you within 48 hours. In accordance withapplicable data protection law, you have a right to access, rectifyand remove any of your data which are inaccurate, incomplete oroutdated. You may exercise this right by contacting or write to us at the address below. We reserve theright to charge a reasonable fee at our standard rate for anyrequests for copies of personal data held by us.

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